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The programme of the Business and Social Forum of the Challenge Giessen-Marburg 2022 is available. The main theme of the Forum is: “Entrepreneurship in the In-between: overview, challenges and perspectives”. On the menu: business, networking, career, innovation and excellence. Come to communicate with entrepreneurs, investors and experts, increase your entrepreneurial culture, expand your address book or gain knowledge to boost your career.

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The choice of field of study, the choice of specialisation and the choice of advanced studies (Master’s, Doctorate, etc.) are choices that impact on our lives for several decades. How can we get ready for them? How to make good decisions at the grassroots level? What are the most strategic fields of study in demand on the German job market today? In a unique conference, Constantin Fahom, recruitment expert, international speaker and promoter of the Super Séducteur de Recruteurs platform, will answer these and other questions in Marburg on next Sunday, June 5 during the Business and Social Forum. Save the date and spread the word around.

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The Challenge Camerounais is well known for its cultural, recreational, federative and sporting aspects. But as our value proposition says, the Challenge Camerounais is much more than a game. One of the objectives that drives us is to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship through the Business and Social Forum (BSF) to impact our environment. As part of this year’s BSF, we are organizing a Business Plan Award. More information on the flyer. Apply by sending the complete documents to the following email address by 31.05.2022:

Meet Armand Zorn

As with the other activities of this year’s Challenge Camerounais 2022, we have set the bar very high for the selection of the Business and Social Forum panelists. The inaugural conference will be held by Mr. Amand Zorn, MP of Francfort at the Bundestag (German federal parliament) and expert in Business Development. Mr. Armand Zorn will discuss the legal and tax aspects, key areas and challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship in Germany for the African Diaspora. Spread the word around and come on Saturday, June 04 2022 at 12 pm at the challenge village to witness the most impactful Business conference of the year.

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