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WARNING ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ THE CHALLENGE DISCO NIGHT IS BACK It is an event that should be experienced😋. It is not something that should be narrated😜. Because it only takes place once a year👌🏾, for 30 years now😌. The oldest glamorous event in the community is back😌. Yes, dear friends, the Challenge Disco Night is back🥰. With two amazing evening: On Saturday 04 June and Sunday 05 June at the Hessenhalle in Giessen🕺🏾💃🏾. Behind turntables on Saturday 04 June, DJ LOUDA and Pitcool DJ and on Sunday 05 June, DJ LOUDA (Paris) & DJ Frankey 👍🏾 (Francfort, ) will put us in tune 👍🏾. Book your place now and spread the word around😍.
Charism has a name. It is called DJ LOUDA. The charismatic and emblematic DJ confirms his presence behind the turntables for the two dancing parties of the Challenge Camerounais on 04 and 05 2022 June at the Hessenhalle in Giessen. Book now:

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