About us

Who we are

The new spirit of the Camerounian diaspora

We are a non-profit organization that promotes social integration, intercultural communication and economic cooperation between the Cameroonian community in Germany and its host country.

The Hamburg-based association Challenge Camerounais e.V., generally abbreviated to “CC e.V.”, is made up of Cameroonian associations with legal status in different German cities.

One of our flagship events is the “Challenge Event” which started in 1992 in Bielefeld with a football tournament. Since then, it has been held every year in different cities and is the most important cultural and sporting event of the Cameroonian diaspora in Europe.

who we are

In 2005, the “Business and Social Forum” (BSF) was integrated into the event to foster business contacts within the community, between the diaspora and the home country as well as with the German industrial world to encourage investments in Cameroon in particular and Africa in general. This business aspect is becoming increasingly important. Another major event of the association is the “Challenge Camerounais Winter Academy” whose first edition will take place in January 2021.

Our vision

See the invisible

We aim

  • To be the flagship association of the Cameroonian Diaspora in the world.

  • To be the reference tool for social, cultural and economic integration and further education of the Cameroonian community in Germany.

  • To be the thinking tool, the main advisory body and the community manager of Cameroonians in Germany

  • To be the showcase par excellence of Cameroon in Germany and Germany’s gateway to Africa.

vision challenge camerounais
our mission

Our mission

Focusing the target
We concentrate our energy on the realisation of our mission. Which is:

  • To promote the social, cultural and economic integration of Cameroonians living in Germany

  • To strengthen solidarity, sense of belonging and patriotic spirit of Cameroonians living in Germany

  • To promote the debate of ideas and understanding of the issues of the global village within the Cameroonian community in Germany

  • To promote Cameroonian culture and image abroad, especially in Germany

Our values

The backbone of our actions
Our actions are guided by our values:
  • Solidarity
  • Networking
  • Interculturality
  • Long life learning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Humility
our values

Our association has been present for over 25 years in every part of Germany.

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Our Activities

from playing, knowledge to entertainment

CC Event

The "Challenge Camerounais Event", CC Event, is our flagship Event. It takes traditionally place in summer and combines business with pleasure by offering top-class programs of business, entrepreneurship and networking as well as culture, sport, entertainment and relaxation.

Winter Academy

The Winter Academy of the Challenge Camerounais e.V. is held, as the name already says, in the winter months. The objective of this scientific event is to discuss new ideas that can contribute to the economic, social and cultural integration of the Cameroonian community ...

Support to our members

Beyond the two major annual events, the Challenge Camerounais e.V. consults and accompanies its various member associations in the implementation of their projects through the provision of consultants and resource persons on a regular basis.